Exterior Services

ROL Group provides professional exterior maintenance services to our clients, making us a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ needs.

Our team provides on-site management services for small or large scale exterior projects including the provision and maintenance of:

  • Gates and railings
  • Ground works
  • Street lighting, furniture and signage
  • Car parking solutions


Our exterior service delivery ensures the security, access management and functionality of your exterior assets and grounds.

  • Gates & Railings

    We provide expert guidance and assistance in the maintenance, management repair and replacement of gates and railings for perimeters. Gates may be subject to mechanical failure over time or due to weather damage or vehicle impacts. Likewise railings can succumb to rust and deterioration depending on the material and the frequency or refurbishment, painting and upgrade.

    Corrosion and general deterioration are not always immediately evident with gates and railings, but there are a number of warning signs that can indicate problems are beginning to occur. Typically as part of a PPM programme ROL Group will monitor your exterior fencing, gates and railings to check for any damage or disrepair and will include in ongoing scheduled repair work. It is an area that is overlooked but one that can contribute to compromising the security of your premises, and present a poor impression if dilapidated.

  • Ground Works

    Our ground works services include foundation construction, roads, drainage and service work on to footpaths and external paving. Every scheme we embark upon is carried out with a high level of professionalism, ensuring the right solution for our client. All work is done in full consultation with the customer.

    Additional areas may include:


    • Drainage
    • Landscaping
    • Foundations
    • External works
    • Piling
    • Earthworks
  • Street lighting, furniture & signage

    ROL Group provides a range of street lighting solutions designed to offer security and safety. This covers a range of highway and street lighting systems. We handle a full range of street lighting, furniture and signage and have an expert team who are experienced in the demands to meet customers’ requirements.

    Our current range of contracts covers private and public infrastructure from small local projects to large scale highways installations.

  • Car parking solutions

    Our car parking services provide a full range car and vehicle parking solutions including entrance and exit technologies, barriers and software. This includes the provision of passes, logging mechanisms inter comms and payment mechanisms and processes. We manage some large scale car parks in addition to small local business premises.

    Our experience in the sector is invaluable in advising our customers on the best-fit solution for their individual requirements.