Water Management

Over 20 years expertise

ROL Group offers a range of water management services to ensure that your water systems are both compliant with applicable legislation and functioning as they should be.

Our teams are qualified to guide and advise you with respect to water hygiene, and the optimisation of the operating efficiency of your building equipment and plant.   Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Legionella testing and control
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa testing and control
  • Fixed temperature monitoring and control
  • General water management advise and management



    We carry out Legionella risk assessment surveys including a full and comprehensive survey of all your water systems. We have experience in surveys for the public and private sectors across a wide range of systems and water systems.

    We test for Legionella bacteria, pseudomonas and other waterborne pathogens commonly found in engineered water systems sampling.  Accurate water analysis services are an essential part of the risk management process.


    ROL Group can take care of all your water temperature control management needs.  In addition to using temperature control to reduce the risk of legionella in both hot and cold water systems, there is a legal requirement to assess the risk of scalding and to adopt appropriate measures to control it.  Risk assessment must consider the needs and capabilities of users such as vulnerable patients, the very young, elderly people, and people with disabilities or those with sensory loss who may not be able to recognise high temperatures and respond quickly.  Temperature management is particularly important within environments such as:

    • Healthcare – hospitals, residential care homes, doctor surgeries
    • Educational – schools, nurseries, crèches
    • Hospitality and leisure – hotels, gyms, spas
    • Public amenities

    In order to protect and maintain good operational standard of standing plant and equipment, it is essential that good water management protocols are implemented.  At ROL Group we can assess and advise on appropriate plans and actions to ensure the longevity of your systems.  Further to ongoing monitoring in the form of sampling and testing, we can apply appropriate measures as necessary. We are experienced in the implementation and maintenance of cost-effective water treatment solutions across sectors and industries including:

    • Food and drinks manufacture
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality & leisure
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Industrial manufacture