Special Projects

ROL Group offers an end-to-end Facilities Management service package

We enjoy the challenge and diversity of special projects. Past assignments have included areas as diverse as lighting surveys and LED upgrades to energy audits, to solar panel installations.

Our advice and consultation has led to increased productivity, improved occupant wellbeing, cost-savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Special projects offered and undertaken include:

Energy Management

  • Energy audits and reduction services
  • Lighting surveys and LED Upgrade works
  • Remote access energy system installations
  • Electric Vehicle Charge Point installations
  • Smart metering and monitoring device implementation
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Solar panel and PV installations


Lighting Projects

  • Lighting surveys and LED upgrades, PIR activated lighting, increased natural lighting
  • Public, street and amenity lighting
  • Controlled environment lighting (e.g. petrochemical, manufacture, operating theatres, laboratories)
  • Flood lighting for Sports facilities
  • Event and theatrical set lighting


Building conversion projects, including conversion of existing space into new facilities

Mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and building fabric design and build

General refurbishment and space planning

Data communication services

UPS system installations