Asbestos Management

Over 20 years expertise

Following an initial survey and risk assessment, we strip and remove asbestos efficiently and effectively with health and safety as key considerations.

This is performed in a way that matches exacting legislative requirements and provides value for money.

All asbestos is collected and removed to landfill. We use special containers to transport hazardous materials.

Asbestos can be found in Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB), asbestos cement, floor tiles, insulation, asbestos rope, coating and roof tiles. Extra care and vigilance is required in situations where asbestos may be disturbed, particularly in demolition or refurbishment of older buildings or in situations where new installations are ongoing.

Our asbestos removal operatives are highly trained and operate to the highest standards of health and safety.


    We have extensive experience conducting asbestos surveys for the public and private sectors covering management and refurbishment/demolition. We know from experience the importance of clear communication and in managing your expectations around asbestos hazards and their removal.

    Our asbestos team will provide you with a comprehensive asbestos survey with recommendations on action including removal and disposal. New survey regulations were introduced in 2018 requiring licensed asbestos surveyors to take specific measures to confirm that asbestos contractors have taken all necessary steps to make sure the area surveyed is clean and safe.

    Current legislation requires all commercial premises to have been surveyed and to maintain an Asbestos Register.


    We manage asbestos removal from start to completion, ensuring that all material is removed safely and securely in line with health and safety requirements. Disposal is done in a secure way so that you can be sure you asbestos problem has not been passed to someone else.

    Our asbestos removal methodology ensures there is no risk to the health of our clients, our own people or the general public.

    Our customers include private companies as well as the public sector.

    Note that asbestos will need to be removed in situations where it has been disturbed and poses a threat to health. If the asbestos is in a good condition and in a situation where it will not be disturbed then it can remain, subject to management controls.