Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

ROL Critical Power is a division within ROL Testing Ltd specialising in the installation and maintenance of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies). These protect data and emergency systems in the event of power loss.

UPS Specification & Design

We can design UPS systems to protect any load to a customers specification. Working drawings with calculations, cable sizing and battery autonomy to meet the needs of your organisation using only the best quality products.

UPS Preventative Maintenance Contracts

ROL provides Preventative Maintenance Contracts with different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ranging from half hour reactive response to planned quarterly maintenance visits with the ability to remotely monitor and communicate the health of the system.

Battery Installation

Our battery installation service is ‘made to measure’. We provide the highest level of customer service – be it ‘supply only’ or a fully project managed battery installation.

Battery Impedance Testing

Our impedance testing service provides a means of assessing the internal condition of the batteries. Recorded at regular intervals, impedance testing will track battery condition to enable an accurate end-of-working life prediction for individual cells, so batteries can be replaced before they cause a critical power protection failure.

Battery Maintenance

Regular battery maintenance is critical to ensure the battery working life is optimised and weak or faulty battery blocks are detected. ROL Critical Power battery experts provide regular on-site battery maintenance services to check and report the condition of your power protection system batteries.

Load Bank Testing

Our comprehensive commissioning procedures and regular service of your UPS, generators and batteries will go a long way in ensuring the integrity of your critical power protection system. However, there is only one certain way of establishing that all the vital components of your power protection system are functioning correctly together and will perform as intended – load bank testing.

Our load bank testing service simulates maximum load conditions to stress the UPS and Generator, and the entire electrical supply infrastructure including cabling, switchgear, fuses and other components to identify potential system weaknesses. Potential risks to your critical load can therefore be identified, rectified and minimized.

Additionally, our load bank service can be used to discharge batteries as an effective, accurate and relatively low cost method of determining battery autonomy.

External Bypass Switch Design Specification & Manufacture

Our range of external UPS bypass switches (which are manufactured in-house and available from stock) have been designed to allow isolation of UPS standby systems for routine servicing, repair or removal without disrupting power to the critical load.

Our main partnerships in UPS

ROL has the distributorship for large scale and industrial UPS. The partnership involves servicing Socomec clients and customers. Our engineers are fully trained and licensed by Socomec to carry out commissioning and preventative maintenance on their equipment.

Working in partnership with H&J Martin FM we provide UPS installation, UPS reactive calls and Monthly Preventative Maintenance (PPM) for the Pan Government Framework contract. This contract takes care of approximately 2000 government buildings including Parliament Buildings, Netherleigh House, Traffic Control Centre, Coleraine County Hall etc.

We’ve also provided the PPM service for the Air Traffic Control at City of Derry Airport.


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