Company Mission Statement

 It’s our mission to conduct our business with integrity, consistency and reliability.

This is facilitated through constant skills development, investment in state-of-the-art equipment and the continuous training and development of all employees. ROL Testing Ltd employ a professional and dedicated workforce, who are committed to protecting property and life by reducing risks and preventing electrical shock or fire.

We offer the highest levels of service and quality in our electrical inspections and on the installation and maintenance of our partnered UPS and voltage products.

We are committed to providing total customer satisfaction through our products and services. Each project will be considered from the customer’s point of view to provide tailored solutions to meet their individual needs.

We will develop our company by treating customers as partners and this will be achieved through the skills, flexibility and teamwork of our staff.

Core Values and Ethics

The corporate decision-making process by our team will always consider and implement the core values listed. We firmly believe that the attitudes and ‘DNA’ of ALL employees must fit our corporate profile. We seek to attract develop and reward the correct people. We are committed to sustainability, the environment and delivering excellence, legally and safely first time every time.


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